10 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Coffee Table

10 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Coffee Table

Posted by Rea Regan on Mar 26th 2019

When you have the right decor, a coffee table can act as the focal point of the room.

From flowers to trays to candles, there are countless ways you can easily swank up your coffee table. So get creative and try any of these 10 decorating tips today.

1. Get a glass top coffee table. If you're looking to showoff as many accessories as possible, a coffee table with a glass top can give you just that. It won't take up too much space and will keep focus on your decor.

2. Keep things balanced. The first rule of decorating a coffee table is to keep things balanced with some symmetry. For example, have a central object with smaller displays that are equal in visual weight on either side of the central object. The objects on the sides don't have be identical either, as long as they provide balance in tone and size. 

3. Use a pouf instead. If you want a small table but aren't keen on using an actual table, go for a pouf! Just add a tray with some mini flowers on top and you're all set.

4. Get the composition right. Consider how all of the items will work together once completed, that's the only way you will gain composition. Think of color, shape, style or theme. When it's all said and done, the display will feel like a single unit while every single item works together. 

5. Use a tray. There is no doubt that when you're admiring what other decorators are doing,  you notice a few trends - for instance, just about everyone decorates the coffee table with a tray.Trays are an easy way to make sure all your items work together, it forces the look to come together and keeps it unified. Remember, if it doesn't fit, it's not meant to be so chuck it. 

6. Succulents are magic. So you don't have much of green thumb? Don't worry about it. Adding some succulents is a great idea. Why? They don't need much attention! Just make sure you use a pot with a drainage hole - soak the succulent in water and let it completely dry out before you water it again.

7. Get stacking. Stack some books on top of one another and then add a decorative piece on top of it, like a candle or statue. It keeps things decluttered.

8. Don't overdo it. Less is more in this case. Don't overcrowd your coffee table otherwise you will only disrupt the entire look and feel. Just make sure there is enough room for all the pieces to "breathe" while saving room to prop your feet up.

9. Use stools, drum tables or accent tables. It's not as clunky and is easy to move. You can even have one size smaller than the other to create chic look that's more natural.

10. Go for the classics. Don't overthink it! Styling with flowers, vases, candles and books is always a sure thing. I mean, they always work no matter the table.