3 Interior Design Rules You Have To Follow To Create A Stunning Home

3 Interior Design Rules You Have To Follow To Create A Stunning Home

Posted by Rea Regan on Mar 27th 2019

When it comes to home decor, there are 3 golden rules every newbie and every seasoned design veteran must follow. 

There's a saying, "Always stick to the basics." And if you're thinking of the saying, "Rules are made to be broken." We understand where you're coming from! However, regardless of which way you are leaning, we have to say that the three golden rules are standards for a reason. They make all the difference and many interior designers swear by them.

3/3 Vertical Rule

Interior design Mark McCauley brings us our first golden rule, even if it's the newest rule, it's incredibly important. The 3/3 rule follows current trends because it follows the decor need of bringing the great

McCauley believes that this concept follows the idea of a "framed viewpoint." What do we mean? First, that the darkest colors should be aimed towards the ground, just like where we find mud, stones, dark grass, etc. Then medium tones follow, like the trees and plants, for the middle. Finally, a lightly colored sky is perfect for the top.

Photo cred: Apartment Therapy

So, as an interior design, make sure you follow the 3/3 rule when you're trying to establish a color palette. This rule works brilliantly with colorful hues and even monochromatic shades.

10-30-60 Rule

Now that you know what colors you'll use, you need to decide what role they will ultimately have in your finished design. Ergo, the 10-30-60 rules. To begin, you need to choose a dominant shade, a secondary shade, and an accent color.

Photo cred: MTK Design Group

Remember that 60% of the room will be covered by the dominant shade and as it's such a large part of the design, it should probably be a neutral choice. Dominant shades are ideal for floor coverings and the wall color. When it comes to the secondary shade, you can be bold! It's best for the furniture in the room. And lastly, the accent color is your most bold choice as it applies to the accessories. 

Rule of three

Once all your colors are chosen and in place, it is time for your home decor accessories! While it is important to purposefully style surfaces and group accent pieces, never forget to follow the rules of three.

An odd-numbered grouping helps to create a more visually attractive piece than an even numbered grouping. Three is the ideal number for groupings, not one or five or even seven. One or five might seem too simple while seven makes it too cluttered.

Three Bronze Wall Divers

When you choose your home decor pieces for your grouping, make sure they are different enough. Why? You want to create visual interest but there should still be a theme to tie the look together. So you can have various shapes but a unifying color for instance.