5 Inspiring Ideas for Your Home Office

Posted by Rachel Perry on Sep 3rd 2020

A dedicated work space in your home is essential to productivity and the ability to focus on your work. Here are five inspiring ideas for creating a comfortable, stylish and sophisticated home office.

Inspiring Idea #1 – Location and View

The location of your office within your home is the first to consider. As you will be spending many hours in your home office, don’t skimp on space. Utilize a guest room, a great loft space, or a section of your bedroom. Also, consider the traffic flow in your house and your ability to withstand distractions. Can you work with activity around you or does your office need to be in a quiet space? If you are seeing clients in your home, a private space with ample seating will be required.

Place your desk underneath or by a window to provide yourself with natural light. If you are in a windowless space, give yourself something interesting to look at when you glance up from the computer. By hanging a painting or a collection of prints on a wall, you can gain focus or a moment of relaxation during your work day.

Inspiring Idea #2 – Invest in great office furniture

Your home office should serve your needs. Foremost, your workspace should have function and beauty. Consider your workflow and what items you will need at your fingertips. Select a desk that is wide enough for your computer and anything else necessary to do your work. Choose shelves and storage that will give you ample space and compliment the décor of your home. A great chair is essential. Make sure it is beautiful, ergonomically correct, adjustable and most of all comfortable for you.

Inspiring Idea #3 – Organize your space and technology

Using your space efficiently and effectively is important to the productivity of your workspace. Hang floating shelves on the walls to eliminate clutter on the desk. Use vertical file folders or a nice basket on the desk to keep important papers within arm's reach. If you prefer a clean desktop, assign one drawer for your "to-do" papers. Wooden or metal cube storage is a fun alternative to bookshelves, since each space can be used for books, knickknacks or baskets of odds-and-ends.

Organizing your technology is significant to keeping clutter at bay. You can add an array of wireless products such as a router, printer, mouse and keyboard. This will significantly reduce the amount of wires. Add a grommet in your desktop to lead any wires from your desk to down below. Attach visible wires underneath your desk or down the desk leg.

Inspiring Idea #4 – Light up your office

Good lighting is indispensable for any home office. Ideally, choose a location that will bring natural light into your space. Position your desk to face the windows or pick a location where the glare from your computer screen will be reduced. Enhance the natural light in the room by hanging a mirror.

ceiling light fixture will provide good general lighting overhead. You can also place a couple of floor lamps in the corners of your office for a similar effect. If you need additional light for evening or nighttime work, consider adding a stylish desk or task lamp.

Inspiring Idea #5 – Colors that fit your style

Colors reflect our mood and our personality. For your home office, consider a color palette that will motivate you to work. For some people, those colors are bright and cheery like orange or yellow. Others need an intense color to jolt their mood like a red or coral. Still other people might find comfort and calm in a blue-green or soft grey.

Once you have found your color palette, consider the style of your décor. Complimenting your modern, contemporary or traditional look with the chosen color will create a beautiful area where you will want to spend your time.

Searching for a specific piece or style for your home office? Feel free to contact us at My Swanky Home and let us help you complete your look.