Create a Bright Bathroom in 2019

Create a Bright Bathroom in 2019

30th Dec 2018

You're looking to upgrade your bathroom style? That seems to be trend in 2019! Don't worry though, we've got the inspiration you need to upgrade your bathroom. Whether it's bathtubs, sinks or vanities, we're on it! Don't be afraid to mix up textures, patterns, finishes, or styles to get the look you want. Choose from modern, chic, or vintage, whatever your personal taste is, 2019 is your year. 

One of the easiest places to start when upgrading your bathroom style is the mirror. Why? A mirror makes a bold statement, especially as its usually in the smallest space of a bathroom. There are wide varieties of styles and finishes that you can include to find a piece that matches your look. While installing a large mirror over the sink is standard there are other ways that mirrors can add to your decor. Hang a mirror mosaic on a smaller side wall or in a corner to give the room a feeling of increased light and space.

Go ahead and add a few home accents to your bathroom, not only will this liven the space up but it'll add a personal touch. From candles to faux plants to statues and trays, whatever catches your eye and settles nicely into the rest of the bathroom style will make the ultimate addition. 

Another easy style change for your bathroom is changing your lighting. When you change your light fixtures you get the double effect of changing the overall style and enhancing the mood by altering the overall light saturation. Like so many design changes choosing new lighting requires thought. While you might want a strong light over the mirror for applying morning makeup and shaving you also want subtle lighting for relaxing soaks in the tub or long soothing showers. There are several ways to accommodate all your moods. You can set your main light on a dimmer switch. It is even more effective to add additional fixtures along with the main one. These should be smaller  sconces or even wall-mounted candles

If you want to make a more dramatic shift in your bathroom decor you might also want to change your vanity. If you don't need a lot of storage space, you can install a counter of any material you like and put shelves underneath for towels and other necessities. If even the average vanity doesn't have enough storage for you, consider adding shelving. If you have the floor space you can add an etagere for an elegant look. Even the smallest bathroom can accommodate wall shelves. Open shelving can not only be for storage but also for flowers and other decorative items.

Now you can be well on your way to creating the bathroom of your style dreams!