Create a Relaxing Haven at Home

Create a Relaxing Haven at Home

Posted by Rea Regan on 6th Feb 2019

We all have a million to-do lists we need to tackle: from doing laundry to scheduling appointments to planning dinner and walking the dog. The list just never ends. And in today's technology loving world, we often put off our lists because it's easier to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest then it is to put on our adult pants and get things done. But in any case, whether or not you tackle your to-do list, you need a haven to relax and unplug from the outside world. Easier said than done? Nope. Simply make some design choices and you'll find yourself in the oasis of your dreams.

1. Color Scheme. The color we choose to paint our walls matters, the color we choose to design with matters. Why? Because color impacts our moods. Red and orange will help to stimulate our brain. While green, blue, and neutral earth tones have relaxing powers that soothe us. So if you want to create a bathroom, bedroom, or home office that sparks a lightness, now you know what colors you need in those rooms. 

But we need to also talk about the kitchen. The kitchen is the Holy Grail of a relaxing haven at home. It's where your best memories are created so make sure the style reflects that. Don't tone down the colors or decor but instead add pops of color to truly add character to the room. Don't just paint the walls a bold, bright color - if you want to keep the walls white, go for pieces that call attention. Like bright bowls to display fruit or an elegant chandelier

Draper Chandelier  

2. Light it up. The right lighting is key to creating that relaxing atmosphere you so desperately crave. Opt for candles when you want to create a light, gentle mood. Choose many or a small bunch, go for different sizes and choose exciting candleholders. If you're a candle person or it just isn't what you're in the mood for, dimmers can help you create the comforting mood you're looking for. Wall sconces can also help create a gentle lighting look and feel. 

3. Comfort. Choose furniture that's super relaxing, like the sofa that you can nap on in seconds or an ottoman or pouf to prop your feet up. Furniture that calls for good posture so you don't feel sluggish is crucial. Get some oils to stimulate your senses while also calming your nerves. Add some pillows and throws to create a cozy feeling.

4. Bring the outdoors, in. Nature has a way of relaxing us, like when it's summer and we smell freshly mowed grass. Or the crisp air of fall. Even the chill of winter has a calming effect. So it's only natural that we recreate this feeling, but indoors. Plants give off that green, calming vibe while also naturally purifying the air. Get a small water fountain or a zen garden. Even faux plants can trick your brain into calmness. 

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