Date Night at Home - Valentine's Day Has Never Been so Cozy!

Date Night at Home - Valentine's Day Has Never Been so Cozy!

6th Feb 2019

A romantic evening often conjures up images like candle-lit dinners in elegant restaurants or carriage rides through the park. Usually followed by gifts that sparkle and loads of chocolate is consumed. But when you think about, romance isn't about material things, it's about the people you're with. The most romantic place to have a date might be right at home. With no one around to see and hear, plus you can literally take off your shoes (or anything else) and freely express your affection. Now that sounds like the kind of romantic evening we can all get behind.


Takeout and Netflix is the perfect new relationship home date, especially since you can use the privacy to open up a little more to each other and really connect. Reuniting with your long distance relationship might mean less time talking and more time in the bedroom as you don’t want to waste time. A night with a long term flame could follow more of a traditional pattern with your favorite food and drinks and a chance to relive old memories like all the firsts you have been through together. Regardless of what relationship stage you're, be sure to set the mood with the perfect setting. 

Making date night at home means you can maximize comfort by choosing to have your date in any room in the house. You can go the classic route and have a formal dinner in your dining room, but you don’t have to. Get creative! Try removing all the furniture from your living room and covering the floor with rugs, blankets and pillows. Or even better, set up cushions or poufs in front of the fireplace. You can even just eat pizza in bed or on the sofa in front of the TV. You don't have to keep things formal, sometimes the casual route is the best way to go. Do what you're most comfortable with!

Even the most unconventional setting will benefit from some classic Valentine’s Day touches. Go big on flowers, candles and soft lighting to really set the mood. Even in a deconstructed layout, you can hang lanterns or sconces, pockets and vases to fill your space with bouquets and safely light up the night. The mood is whatever you want it to be.

There’s a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day to make the day special and pack in a year’s worth of affection. But let's be realistic, almost no one can meet this standard. Bring a little more relaxation to the situation with your favorite wine or cocktail. A glass of champagne or a Cosmopolitan or two can help you chill out and remember why you want to spend time together rather than concentrate on expectations. This day is all about the two of you, not societal expectations it's important to remember that so you can truly enjoy your evening. 

Diamonds might be forever, but Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be a grand gesture. They just have to be something that acts as a permanent reminder of how much you care. Something to see when you are apart, like at work. Make your gift a personal one that you know will be adored. Go for vases or statues, perhaps a bookend or a bowl. Maybe a pillow or throw. Choose some nice candles, candleholders, and a nice set of matches. Choose a gift that you know your someone special will truly enjoy and appreciate, for more than just one day. Make it a gift that'll last decades.

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