How to Use Rugs in Your Home

How to Use Rugs in Your Home

Posted by Rea Regan on 17th Jan 2019

When it comes to room design, rugs are usually the last piece of the puzzle. How so? Just like that, the perfect rug can pull the whole look together. They're not merely an accessory, rugs are practical and offer warmth and comfort. Some are works of art, with gorgeous patterns and bursts of color. Plus, if you've ever wanted to upgrade the style of a room, a new rug is the easiest way to transform a room from bland to chic. 

Depending on what it is that you want exactly, here's what you should know about adding rugs to your home.

What does a rug add to a room?

Here's the great thing about rugs, they can hide that not so perfect flooring you might have. All while calling attention to a particular piece of furniture (like a sofadining table, or coffee table) or highlighting a feature like a floor to ceiling window, a fireplace, or a bookshelf. 

If you choose to use large rugs that make a statement, they will then become the focal point of the room and can act as an anchor for the other items in your room. As such, the rug will complement patterns and colors and will help unify the room. 

             Gray White Ivory Wool Geometric Diamond Pattern Area Rug | 5 x 8 Tribal Ethnic

What rugs are best for each room?

Consider the location of where the rug will go, in which room it'll be in, because this will affect the material, size, and style of the rug you choose. When thinking of the living room or hallway (areas that have a lot of foot-traffic), opt for a head-wearing rug that's made of heavyweight materials. Consider dark colors with lots of patterns.

For the dining room, go with a rug that has a flat weave so that the chair legs don't get caught. When it comes to the bedroom, subtle, pale colors and a deeper pile will give off comfort and warmth - which boosts the coziness of the room and pleases your bare feet!

            "Caspian" Denim Rug 8 x 10

How do you choose rugs for a wooden floor?

If you have a wood or laminate floor then you know just how chilly a room gets in the winter! And the room can even feel bare as a result so adding a rug is a simple answer. This way, you'll have a more inviting room and you can really curl your toes!

A rug will block drafts, eliminates noise, and keeps your feet from getting hurt as it covers up loose nails and gaps. Don't forget to choose a quality underlay to go under the rug so it doesn't move around and it'll help protect those floorboards too!

          Abstract Floral Damask Gray Area Rug | 6 x 9 Fringe Washed Light