Items We Loved | Weekly Inspiration

Items We Loved | Weekly Inspiration

Posted by Rea Regan on 27th Feb 2019

How can it be the final week of February? Time sure does just fly on by! Winter is finally brushing off it's chilly vibes and the calm of Spring is slowly making it's way in. With that in mind, we wan to focus this week on a home's focal point - the living room. When it comes to living room decor, the coffee table and side tables are key to creating a look and feel that's welcoming and comfortable. And let's not forget what goes on top of the living room table. So, here are our favorite weekly items for the living room!

A fan favorite - the Jinan Accent Table. It's a popular piece because of its simplicity and how it doesn't take away from the entire vibe of the room. Instead it blends in but still brings your eye in, although in a gentle way.

Jinan Accent Table

Next up, the Twig Tripod Table. It easily brings in the natural world and has a simple beauty which shines through. This table is truly a timeless design that goes perfectly in the living room.  

Twig Tripod Table - Nickel/Granite

Remember that your coffee table really is the anchor of your living room and it makes a design statement while acting as the visual focal point - choose wisely! Take time to think about the message you want to send, the vibe you want to create and how the table will mesh with the rest of the decor. Or will the decor be based off the table? Answer these questions before reaching for your pocket.

Halcion Cast Iron Accent Table "Puzzle Piece" Table - Nickel/Marble Spectacular Driftwood Console Table

Now that you've chosen a table, what goes on top of it? There are a number of options - from frames to trays to vases to sculptures to books to runners and more. Really think about how the whole room will look at the end of the day and think of the atmosphere you want - that's how you know which home decor pieces to add on top. Here are a few of our favorites that we know will look great in any setting!

    Four Travertine Spheres   "White Linen" Bowl

Musicians Decorative Figurines, Set/3