Items We Loved | Weekly Inspiration

Items We Loved | Weekly Inspiration

Posted by Rea Regan on Mar 28th 2019

How inspired are you? It is the spring season after all and inspiration blooms around us. Literally. From brightly colored flowers to freshly mowed lawns to April showers, nature guides us to refresh our souls and our homes. With this week's favorite items, we're inspired by the rejuvenating energy of spring. 

New artwork can bring in a fresh new vibe, so go bold. Whether it's the living room or the bedroom or the office, choose a room that just needs a little push to usher in a refreshing look and feel.

Oversize 74" Abstract White Gray Gold Wall Art | Painting Modern Tall Cherry Blossoms Modern Art

We will repeat ourselves a million times, mirrors add more light and space to a room. And that's just what you need to create a more spring vibe indoors.

Prisca Distressed Silver Mirror

Even the bigger home decor pieces you have need a refresh. Whether it's a cabinet or table, look at what you have and replace it or even add to the collection.

Rustic Distressed Reclaimed Wood Console Cabinet "Driftwood" Round Table

Candles sconces add a simple touch of elegance to any room. Choose one that suits your personality and matches the home decor style.

Boutique Wrought Iron Twist Wall Candle Sconce

Throw on your interior design hat and let the spring season guide your home decor. No item is too big or too small!