Items We Loved | Weekly Inspiration

Items We Loved | Weekly Inspiration

Posted by Rea Regan on Mar 22nd 2019

We're almost to the last week of March! Crazy how time flies. In any case, we're still feeling spring vibes left and right and that will continue to be the case until summer comes swinging in full force. So which home decor pieces made the list this week? 

Coffee tables are key to creating the ultimate swanky design. They pull a room together so make sure you choose the right fit as it needs to make a statement all on its own while blending in at the same time. 

Set 2 Bronze Gold Nesting Coffee Tables | Round Large Modern Minimalist Mirrored Black Coffee Table

Ottomans and poufs add extra seating and look stylish too. Some ottomans can even be used to save space! Choose the most practical and stylish ottoman, or pouf, to make a bold look in your home. 

Two "Pillbox" Ottomans

The same way you accessorize your outfit, you need to do with your home decor too. With so many options on the table, you really can't go wrong. Just make sure the home decor pieces you choose make the room's look and feel really pop - it should be a reflection of your personality through and through. Plus, it is so much fun to search for the piece that really catches your eye!

Art Deco Stallion "Flame" Ginger Jar - White - 13" Abstract Natural Driftwood Sculpture Set 3 | Tall Modern Floor Table

Mirrors add space and light in a flash. When choosing a mirror, always keep in mind that they help to attract more natural light while creating the illusion of more space. So be sure to choose a mirror that reflects the style you want.

Tubular Wall Mirror

What new pieces are you most looking forward to bringing home?! With spring all around us, you're probably feeling inspired to change up your home decor and we understand completely! Feel free to shoot us a message on social media or email us at - we're happy to help! Happy March, everyone!