Items We Loved | Weekly Inspiration

Items We Loved | Weekly Inspiration

Posted by Rea Regan on 10th Jan 2019

What's the perfect recipe for making your house a home? Warm and cozy ingredients such as light decorative touches that truly personalize your living area. Or maybe some loud, bold spices that call attention as soon as you walk in. In any case, your home decor should be something that you truly love and that's where we come in. We're sharing our favorite items of the week with you, ones we believe will make a perfect addition to your home. 

Keep time in style! Choose the right clock style for your room and hang it up!

           West End 30" Wall Clock

Wall art should really bring a room together. Don't be afraid to make a bold statement, something that's a bit out of the box can really make a room feel finished. (Psst, the Turquoise Aqua Lily Pads can be hung on a wall or used as table accessories, go wild.)

     "Silvery Branches" Wall Art Set   Turquoise Aqua Lily Pad Wall Art Set 3 | Flower Sculpture Blue Hanging

Every little item adds the ultimate personal touch. Choose modern or vintage, or even a mixture of both, when you're creating a look that you'll really love in your home. 

Escher" Bookends - Faceted Cube  Recycled Glass Bulb Vase  "Amenities" Tray Shelf - Black

Keep warm during these chilly winter months with a firescreen - the fact that this one is super chic doesn't hurt either!

        Golden Branches Fireplace Screen | Iron Twig Metal Decorative Firescreen  

Add more light and space to a room just by adding a mirror. If you position a mirror correctly, you will easily allow for more texture, light, space, and character to flood in. 

 Venetian Arch Frameless Wall Mirror  Arabesque Quatrefoil Mirror