Living the Hygge Life: Doing Cozy, Danish Style

Living the Hygge Life: Doing Cozy, Danish Style

6th Feb 2019

Winter months are the best months. Everything is lit up and covered with the glitter of snow and you can spend the whole season counting down to something exciting - like Christmas and New Year's. After New Year's though, all we can look forward to is the groundhog popping out of his hole and announcing winter's (hopefully near) end.

All any of us are thinking about is celebrating the winter months with our families during the festive holiday periods. It's a time we feel the most jolly, knowing we'll be full of good food and are surrounded by the people we love the most. These feelings of bliss are ones we wish we could replicate all year long!

But you can beat back those winter blues with Hygge, the Danish term for cozy is more about lifestyle and less about acquisitions. In Denmark hygge is practiced all year around by embracing the people, places and things that make you feel all warm inside. It's the feeling that curls our toes and plants a smile on our faces, no matter the situation.

photo courtesy of BoligLiv

It's easy to understand feeling bleak while fumbling around in the dark, but that gentle ennui we all feel when waking in the morning and being greeted by a cloudy sky is more complex. Flicking on your light-switch will easily solve the first problem, but to replace the organic gleam of sunlight, you need an organic solution. Candles are the perfect solution and they give that extra bonus of making everything caught in its glow feel closer, more personal and more intimate. The warm light they project has a way of drawing us in and helping us to feel so totally cozy and light. It's not just the light though, it's the delicious, calming scent too that has a way of putting us at ease.

It's like a scene from a classic movie. Our hero is commuting to work in the midst of slushy, sleety, wintery morning. The short walk feels like a marathon and just when the finish line is in sight and there is only one more street to cross, our hero steps off the curb into a black messy pool and the water seeps straight into his socks. There is no doubt the whole day is shot.

They say that you have to cover your head to feel warm, but it seems you need to keep your toes warm to feel happy. Even the thickest socks and slippers can only take you so close to the outer boundaries of warmth. Rugs will give you the real feeling all the way into your bones and keep you blissed out all winter long! Choose a rug that makes you feel like heaven is underneath your toes; one that is so soft and smooth, you never want to leave.

You don't have to have sensory issues to know comfort is all about texture. Like the joy you feel when you put on your oldest sweatshirt since the material has grown so very soft. Well, nothing is softer than fur. Whether you go for the real deal or faux, it will indulge your senses and help you find your bliss. Just imagine the pure joy you'll feel when you prop your feet on one of these velvety soft benches - you'll feel a pouring lightness of bliss wash over you over as you unwind from a long, hard day.

On those blustery winter nights when the wind is howling and you can see the frost growing on the windows, nothing feels better than building a protective cocoon around yourself made of blankets, throws and pillows of all sizes and textures. Choose large pillows and throws, or even a soft big pouf, so you can feel beyond cozy as you enjoy all the finest comforts at home. The only way to improve the scene is to have a tall mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows or tea at your elbow.

There is a reason a lot of those old songs became classics. Even when the weather outside is frightful, sitting by the fireplace really is truly delightful. Whether roaring or flickering, like candlelight, a controlled blaze provides organic light and makes everything seem beautiful. A fireplace one ups a candle though since it also makes you warm. Just listen to the fire crackling as you sip a hot cocoa while you're watching a classic holiday film with your family. Now that's why Hygge is all about.