Say No to Sleepy Bedroom Decor

Say No to Sleepy Bedroom Decor

25th Dec 2018

After a long day at work, all you really want to do is crash on your bed, throw on some Netflix, and RELAX...while wearing your favorite jammies, of course. Your bedroom is, after all, the first place you see every morning and the last place you see each night - that's why it should be a relaxing, invigorating, and comforting area. Whether it is your haven from the tumult of the world or the launching pad that pushes you to greatness each day, your bedroom is important. 

It might be the place in your home where you spend the most hours each day, which also means that it has infinite potential for great style! Naturally the place where you spend most your nights needs to be just as cozy as it is stylish. Let's begin!

The only thing every bedroom needs is a place to sleep, and that's a given. It has to be comfortable and in the right proportion to your space. Other than that, there are no rules. Beds and headboards come in almost every style you could dream of. Even though it is the first element in your room, it doesn't need to make a statement. The plainest bedframe and mattress system can easily become fabulous just by simply adding stunning linens, blankets, and decorative pillows. Keeping the bed simple and investing instead in gorgeous accessories will give you the advantage when you want to redecorate. Instead of replacing a heavy and expensive item, like your bed, you can easily revamp your sleep space and update your look.

My Swanky Home Bedroom

After you have chosen a style and have curated your dream bed, you can now complete the look in the rest of your bedroom. Adding accents such as artworkmirrors, and other accessories are what transform a room from boring to brilliant. While people like to adorn the wall space around their bed with mementos and artwork, there are many other ways to make a more dramatic and chic statement. Try framing your bed with intricate candle sconces or wall vases. Or maybe even a candleholder

Acanthus Grande Candle SconceDon't be afraid to use that great space for mirrored artwork that add both light and flair to a room.

After you have fulfilled your style vision for your bedroom, you need to make sure that you have the functionality to match your form. Think of all the things you need to store in your bedroom, such as clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, scarves, bedding, etc. While it is traditional to include a dresser or vanity, you can find more creative ways to organize your possessions. For example, who said jewelry and cosmetics can't be put in a gorgeous desk by using the top for display and the drawers for storage. Other creative storage ideas include using vases and glasses for scarves and earrings and vintage trunks or suitcases for clothes. 

By adding a few of your favorite extras, you can really contribute to your room in style and sentiment. Once you've created the room of your dreams (no pun intended), you'll never want to leave!