Set the Mood for Winter With A Reading Nook

Set the Mood for Winter With A Reading Nook

Posted by Rea Regan on 20th Dec 2018

When the winter months hit, there is nothing quite like curling up with a good book. Thick blankets, fuzzy socks, the sound of rain hitting the window, a comfy chair, a warm cup of tea or cocoa; now doesn't that sound like heaven? So why not create your own stylish and cozy reading nook to really make the experience worthwhile? 

These 10 tips will help you create the perfect reading nook in your home and will really set the mood for winter. 


1. A Dedicated Space. Before you can even start to create a reading nook, you have to know where you're going to put it! Perhaps the corner of your living room? Or your bedroom (especially nearest the window)? You need a dedicated space just for your reading pleasure.

2. The Perfect Chair. Every reading nook needs a perfect chair as you'll be spending a lot of your free time there. So choose right. Leather? Cotton? A large chair? One that forms to your body? It's a big decision so think it over!

3. Storage for Books. You need the right space to store all your books. Whether you have an intense collection or just a few, it doesn't matter as long as the bookshelf is closest to your reading nook - this is just for convenience!

4. Table Space. Be sure to have a little side table for both snacks, tea, and your book of course! You can't very well juggle it all.

5. LightingDon't choose the darkest corner of your home, you do need light to read after all! Ideally you want a space near a window for when you're reading by day and a really nice lamp for those nighttime page-turners.

6. Put Your Feet Up. Keep your feet comfy with aottoman or a cushioned poufYou need ultimate comfort when you're reading!

7. Pillows and Throws. And if you really want to be comfortable, add some pillows, throws, or blankets.

8. Go Green. Create a relaxing atmosphere with a plant or two. Doesn't matter if it's big or small either. As long as it creates a chic and rejuvenating theme to your reading nook.

9. A Personal Touch. Let the style of your reading nook reflect your personality. Add some photos of friends and family, or of your beloved pet. Maybe you have a thing for candles or angel figurines. Whatever it is, add it to your nook.

10. LOVE Your Space. You really need to enjoy the area you'll be spending your time in, so make sure you decorate exactly how you'll love it, not just with what you think you should. Keep decorating until you've created a style that makes you say, "Yes...this is just right."