How Do You Style Throws & Pillows

If you don’t have a slight obsession with throws and pillows, prepare to develop one! Throws and pillows are the easiest way to upgrade a sofa and complete the cozy level in your living room. There are practically endless combinations to master the look but don’t worry; we’re here to break it all down for you.

No need to ask yourself, “How do you style throws and pillows?” Below we’ve outlined the basics to help you style your perfect sofa getup.





First, choose the right pillow size. A pillow that’s too big will overshadow your sofa. Whereas a pillow that’s too small makes the setup look tiny. Choose a standard size pillow for the back, either a 22 or 24-inch pillow. Next we need to level out the rest of the pillows going forward.


This is the fun part! Opt for a mix of straight-line graphic prints and organic with a solid texture, this will create dimension. Plus, it’ll look stunning! For a traditional setting, match pillows on each side of the sofa. Don’t be afraid to mix different prints and even throw in some large patterns with small ones. Choose a color and pattern you really love, not just one that you think will look good.


Remember to start with a 24-inch pillow when you’re styling pillows. Then layer with 22-inch or 20-inch sizes and be sure to complete the look with a lumbar or a tiny pillow. Keep in mind when decorating, the contrasting shapes, sizes, patterns, and textures. Just don’t overcrowd the sofa! You need room to get cozy, after all.




Hey, what about throws? Throws are key to creating a welcome environment so that your living room always feels welcome, open and soft. However, don't just "throw" the "throw" on the sofa, play around and experiment until you find what looks right to you!

One of the simplest ways to style a throw is to just fold it up and drape over the arm of the chair, this will soften the sofa's edges and won't make such a bold statement. Just remember the neater the fold, the more formal the look. 

If you're looking for a slightly less formal look, then simply unfold your throw and tuck an end into the corner, this way the fabric cascades towards the floor.





Don’t be afraid to mix it up when the seasons change, a new holiday begins, or whenever you feel like a change is in order. Just switch out a pillow/throw, or two, and you’ll create a whole new stylish vibe in your living room.