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Want to simplify your life? Try minimalist decor.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Many people are tired of the ornate and over-the-top designs of yesteryear, and are looking for a simpler, cleaner look to reflect more modern sensibilities.

Simple doesn't have to mean boring! Clean lines, sleek profiles, and soothing monochromes can all enhance your home decor. But, it's when you add a few pops of color to those simple styles that things will become dramatic.

The key to going minimalist is choosing functional pieces and eliminating clutter. Look around the room. What do you really need? What pieces can you put away, or store out of sight in some beautiful boxes?

Repetition and "mirror-imaging" can also beautifully enhance minimalist decor. Use multiples of visually interesting but minimalist pieces to give a fabulous, dramatic effect to a room.

Minimalist decor can be dramatic in large rooms, but if you have a smaller space, it's especially important to keep things simple to avoid a cluttered, jumbled look. We have a fabulous collection curated especially with small spaces in mind, perfect for getting that minimalist look you need!

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