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Create Year-Round Freshness with Permanent Florals

If you are like me, winter can leave you with a touch of the blahs. Sure, snow and ice can be pristinely beautiful, and there's nothing like a cozy fireplace and a warm throw, but I just miss the freshness of open windows and an inviting breeze. I love bringing in fresh flowers for the springtime, and there's nothing like a gorgeous centerpiece to add texture and color to the tabletop.

It's no wonder that every time I go to the store, especially in the winter, the bouquets of fresh flowers call to me. I'm drawn to luscious pink tulips, dreamy hydrangeas, and romantic roses in an array of hues. And those little potted plants with grape hydrangeas or mini daffodils with exposed bulbs? So charming!

But once I get past the romance and to the practical side, reality sets in. Those blooms won't last unless I have the perfect vase, and even then, I'm going to have to change them every week. And I love tabletop gardens or live orchids, but they don't always love me back. I've got to think about humidity, and keep them watered, and trimmed, and....well the list can seem never-ending.

Permanent florals can be the perfect answer to all of these issues! I'm definitely not talking about those tacky plastic plants or fake looking polyester flowers you see at craft stores! Quality permanent florals are beautifully crafted, designed by master craftsmen to be on trend, and well made enough to last a lifetime. A good quality, well made permanent floral arrangement can be so realistic that you'll have to remind yourself not to water it!

Here are a few of my favorite types of faux florals.

Orchids epitomize my favorite things about faux florals. I love love love the look of an elegant, graceful phaleonopsis or dendrobium orchid, but as far as maintaining a real one....well, that's another story entirely! If you're one of those amazingly talented people who are blessed with orchid growing skills, you can skip this entirely and look at our orchid planters instead. But, if you are like me, these beautiful faux orchids embody the ethereal grace of the real thing without the work and aggravation.

You will notice the meticulous craftsmanship of this beautiful phalaenopsis from ultra-luxe permanent floral designer Napa Home - right down to the root ball, each is a work of art. This one is designed to work as a drop-in with the planter or vase of your choice (or even without one!), but you can also buy an orchid complete with planter or vase for the perfect easy option. This moth orchid is a great example of a ready-to-go piece!

2) Drop-Ins are the Ultimate in Versatility!

If you love to change your style or keep your tablescape on trend, our drop-in florals are the perfect solution for you. Our designers realized that natural beauty never goes out of style, but sometimes vases and containers need an update. So, these floral wonders come complete with realistic root ball or attached faux bulb, and are designed to be moved from one vase or planter to the next. Whenever you want to change your home's look, just pop them out of one container or into the next. In an instant, you'll have a perfectly realistic new plant that seems like you've been carefully growing it for years!

They come in lots of varieties, from faux bulb gardens like this one:

3) Ready, Set, Go!

Looking for something that gives ready to go beauty, with no creativity required? Opt for a beautiful permanent floral bouquet in a vase, complete with faux water and stone filler. These are perfect for using as a centerpiece atop a table or buffet, and they also make lovely gifts. They're elegant and effortless, and best of all, they're low maintenance - no changing water or removing dead blossoms from the mix.

4) Don't be afraid to go big!

Who said that faux florals are only for the tabletop? Sometimes, a large permanent plant is just what you need, whether on the floor or on a pedestal. There are several ways to accessorize your room with large permanent faux greenery.

Traditional topiaries such as preserved cypress or boxwood can add a natural look with a timeless elegance. "Faux floral" is a bit of misnomer for these - they are made of real natural cypress or boxwood branches that have undergone a process to preserve them for long term use. The result is a natural piece that gives a dramatic look with little care required.

Choosing a fruit tree, like a lemon, orange, or olive, is also a great way to add a vibrant touch. It's the perfect way to enhance a dining or living area, and they are even better in pairs flanking a door or entry.

Whichever type of faux floral you choose, always make sure to opt for a quality piece. Choosing a quality permanent floral will ensure that your plant looks realistic, doesn't fade, and brings you a lifetime of enjoyment! Every time you enter the room, it will give a touch of sunshine and bring a smile to your face!

Ready to bring a new permanent floral family member into your home? Use coupon code SOPHIEFLORAL to save 15% on your next order or faux florals or greenery! Happy shopping!

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