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I'm Dreaming of a White....Kitchen

This season's trends are all about the ultimate neutral color....bright white! From sneakers to loungewear, bright white is the hottest thing in all things apparel. But a white color scheme isn't just for clothing! A pristine white backdrop can create the perfect neutral palette for almost any room. Add brilliant and bright splashes of color, and you'll get a showstopping look!

Take a look at the way white is used in this kitchen. The clean, crisp lines of the countertops, cabinet facings, and walls give the perfect backdrop. But look more closely and you'll see the details that make the difference between elegant minimalist and simply sterile. The beautiful grain of the marble and the aged finish and the rattan backs of the counter stools add visual interest. Simple geometric shapes from the appliances, stool backs, and clear glass pendants draw the eye and break up monotony. And, pops of bright color complete the look. Even a small space like this one looks bright and airy with these decor hacks!

And for a larger kitchen, take a look at this....

Yup, it's those same pendants again! They are perfect over this kitchen island to create lots of light in this welcoming white space.

This one's got more of a modern coastal cottage look. Again, if you look closely, you can see the same elements. A bright white backdrop from the cabinetry, kitchen island, walls, and window treatments. Texture and visual interest from the webbing of the large pendants (aren't they gorgeous!) and rope detail of the barstools. And you'll also notice those large geometric shapes....the squares and x's from the stools, large ovals from the pendants, and squares from the divided light windows.

You'll see a similar look with these elegant pendants - grand scale, beautiful texture, simple shapes.

Now that's what I call stunning!

If you can't go for that all-over redo to the cabinets and walls, some beautiful bright white accessories can also help acheive a similar look. Check out this ultra-posh solid marble dining table, which has all of those three elements we talked about above - crisp white as base color, visual interest from marble grain, and use of simple geometric shapes.

It's also perfectly sized to fit in a kitchen nook as well as in a dining room!

Or, accessorize with some beautiful white pieces to bring out the color in the room:

This crisp white beauty has beautiful Old Hollywood glam style. The chair has leather upholstery and a hand lacquered wood frame.

Or accent the kitchen island with this elegant white faux orchid!

However you choose to use it, you'll see that you can't go wrong with crisp whites - they provide the perfect palette to showcase your style!

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