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Decorating with Purpose! Giving Found Vintage Objects a New Lease on Life

Hi, this is Samantha, and today we’re going to discover how you can take vintage objects and give them a new lease on life.

As you probably know, trends in fashion and style often mirror trends in global awareness. And, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen that one of the hottest issues today is reducing waste. We’re all trying to find ways to reuse, recycle, and repurpose.

All of us enjoy the occasional refresh on our homes, and, let’s face it, many of us have become a little tired of looking at the same décor after a year of being at home a lot. So, it’s a great time for a little redecorating!

You’ll be glad to hear that repurposed vintage objects are one of décor’s hottest trends right now. Today’s top designers are taking ordinary vintage “Found” items and giving them a new lease on life with updated finishes and a lot of extra style.

What’s really great about this trend is that it eliminates waste – an ordinary vintage object destined for a landfill gets a designer upgrade and is now ready for a new purpose. Think of Found objects as the decorating equivalent of a rescue dog – lots of character, full of personality, and ready to warm up to their new homes.

Here are some of our best Found object “finds” for summer.

Fabulous Find #1: Multipurpose is Awesome!

This Rustic Vintage Wall Canister is the perfect all-purpose item.

It’s a vintage iron canister that’s been upgraded with a strong solid iron ring handle. It’s super sturdy and can hold lots of stuff. I just love the smooth, matte finish with its great vintage patina.

The amazing thing about this canister is all of the things you can do with it! I love how it looks holding flowers, but it’s also the perfect size for a bottle of wine or even champagne! And, that strong handle makes it easy to bring it from place to place.

The ring handle means that you can hang it on a nail on the wall, and then easily grab it when you are ready to use it. I haven’t tried this yet, but I think it would be great for art supplies – fill one with pastels, another with scissors, another with paintbrushes – and then make a collage of them on the wall. Just take ‘em down as you are ready to use them - the ultimate portable cubby system!

The designer also found that they look amazing in groups, so he put four together and – voila – the ultimate wine caddy, cutlery carrier, or supply trug.

Fabulous Find #2: Hang it Up

Speaking of storage, hooks are a wonderful way to add organization to a small area. And, let’s face it, things really aren’t always made to the same standard they used to be. How many times have you bought something new for your home only to find it’s too flimsy to use?

Wall hooks are one of those things that have to be strong, steady, and sturdy. There’s no point in a big hook that can’t hold a heavy coat, and when a wall hook comes down, it can take a good chunk of your wall right along with it!

Yes, you can head over to the Home Depot and get some big, rugged utility hooks, but why compromise on style? These repurposed wall hooks are a great way to go.

These are actually Found architectural pieces, and come in two sizes (two hooks or three) and two rustic finishes.

You can see how large and strong these hooks are – ready to last a lifetime! And if you have a great rescue dog, it’s a great place for holding her leash :)

Just a quick aside while we’re talking about hooks – we’ve got some other great ones you should check out as well – not necessarily period pieces, but vintage style and super strong and ultra-luxe.

Fabulous Find #3: All you need is love…..and maybe a whale or two…..

One more way that old objects are getting new life is through scrap art. Sometimes, the whole item just can’t be salvaged, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be repurposed! Designers are recycling scraps of everything from vintage sari material to military canisters to make home décor in a riotous collage of vibrant color.

This fantastic Love sign from German designer Albert L (punkt) is made from recycled magazines:

And these wonderful whales are from vintage metal cans that have been saved from the scrap heap:

Or how about a great pillow made from brightly colored Kantha fabric?

Using Found objects or objects made from vintage materials is a wonderful way to redecorate your home. And just remember – as you bring brightness into your life, you’re brightening the lives of others as well – at My Swanky Home our items are responsibly and sustainably sourced, giving people around the world a chance to earn an income at a fair wage.

Happy decorating!

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