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Get Your Thanksgiving Going! My Top 5 Quick Ship Items.

OK, if you are like me, you're a bit tired of things being out of stock right now. There's nothing like finding that perfect gotta-have item...and then finding out that you can't have it because it's on backorder.

True confessions: I can be a last-minute shopper. And, honestly right now is not necessarily the best time to shop last minute. I totally agree that I should start getting my holiday shopping done NOW - but some of us are still working on getting our leaves raked and our house prepped and ready for Thanksgiving guests.

But- I've got a great life hack for you. I've curated a great group of items that I love (and I hope you will too) that are ready to ship out ASAP and can be sitting perfectly in your home before your guests arrive. Without further ado, here are my Top 5, Sophie's-favorite-things Quick Ship Thanksgiving tabletop items! (drum roll, please):

In no particular order, 'cause I don't like to play favorites among my favorites,

#1 Hester and Cook Table Banners

Let's face it, one of things that can make or break a Thanksgiving meal is the seating at the table. Can Great Aunt Gladys sit next to Chloe the 18 year old Instagrammer? How can you prevent Uncle Steve from grabbing the seat you wanted to reserve for Grandma? Our beautiful Table Banners from luxe tabletop paper goods designer Hester and Cook are the perfect way to make sure everyone knows right where to sit. They're big enough to get everyone's attention and are handcrafted in the USA.

#2 Be Home Teak Double Spice Cellar

Salt and pepper shakers are always welcome on the table, but if you are like me, you're always looking for ways to liven things up a little bit. I love to put out spices that complement what I'm serving, whether it's some crushed up dried chipotle chile flakes or artisan coarse Himalayan sea salt. Those aren't meant to be hidden away in shakers, and the coarse grains don't flow well through tiny holes. That's why I love this great little double spice cellar. Made of beautiful solid teak wood, it's just the right size for sitting on the table, and it comes with a super cute matching teeny gold spoon that's perfect for dishing up flavor. I'm also planning on giving some of these as gifts to friends who are hosting me for holiday parties - they're fabulous little things!

#3 Retro Tilted Pitcher

Of course, I'm planning a lot of liquid refreshments, from some spiked cranberry punch to refreshing water with cut lemons and limes. I love having a pitcher of something delicious in easy reach of everyone on the table, so I'm going to have a few of these Retro Tilted Pitchers placed strategically on the table. They've got a ribbed design which gives an optic-type look, and the tilt of the pitcher makes that sturdy handle easy to reach. Each is hand blown glass for a real vintage feel! I love the rippled, scalloped vibe, but if you like a more minimalist look, check out this version.

#4 Rustic Farmhouse Vintage Tray

I love this rustic Vintage Farmhouse Tray. It's a genuine vintage "found" piece, so each one has an authentic character that you just can't get with a new item. I like to try to picture each one as having its own story to tell. There are so many ways to use this great piece! I'm planning to put one in the middle of the table as a centerpiece with some votive candles and some fresh flowers and maybe some pinecones (this idea is still a work in progress!) I think it would also look beautiful holding fresh fruit or (if I get super ambitious) some freshly baked rolls or breads. It's so perfectly simple and wonderfully rustic.

In this case, last is certainly not least! This gorgeous bowl by ultra-luxe designer Global Views is an absolute stunner! I love how the shape is a stylized, updated version of a classic cornucopia design. The organic design was based on the opened pod of a natural milkweed plant, and it's made of hand cast aluminum plated in shiny nickel. I love the idea of using this as a horn-of-plenty, filling it with spilling flower blossoms or fruits.

I hope you love these favorites as much as I do! They're all ready to ship so are the perfect way to adorn your Thanksgiving table.

And here's a little thank you for reading my post - use coupon code THANKSSOPHIE to save 10% off of your next order! Hope you have a great holiday!

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