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Introducing Napa Home and Garden!

I'm so super excited about the new design house that My Swanky Home is partnering with, Napa Home and Garden! Napa's pieces are meant to reflect the casual elegance of California's renowned Napa Valley, and each thoughtful piece is modern yet classically elegant.

I love love love the attention that they give to quality and sourcing as well as how beautifully detailed each piece is. Each piece has its own story! I've picked a few of my favorites, and My Swanky Home has asked me to introduce them to you. Believe me, it was hard to narrow down my list to just five - I'd love to have a shopping spree in their designer showroom! But, I made the sacrifice to help you have a quick look!

So, here goes - here are my top five gotta-have Napa items!

Elegant Gold Leaf Platters
"Leaves of Gold" Platters

OMG. I love these platters. Why? Where do I start? First, they are absolutely stunning. They are made from a hand-carved clay mold which is then cast into aluminum for a super durable piece. And the finish. The gold finish is so drop dead gorgeous. The organic, natural shape with all of those veins and ridges makes them such amazing tabletop pieces. OK, they're not everyday pieces (I mean they could be, if your room needs a bit of glam) but we all need that over the top accent now and then! I just picture an array of these on a holiday tabletop, especially on a darker tablecloth. I can't wait to fill them with some candles, or maybe pile them with fresh fruit, cornucopia style. They're so beautiful on their own, it almost feels like a shame to cover the inside by filling them up!

#4: Candle Lanterns

OK. This is cheating. I will freely admit it. I was supposed to choose my favorite items, and this is a category of items. But I just love the idea of candle lanterns, indoors or out. I think candlelight at a garden party just takes it to the next level and one of the only ways to get that beautiful candlelight outside safely, without worrying about it blowing around in the wind, is with a candle lantern. I love the sleek shapes and large designs of these outdoor lanterns.

And look at these indoor lanterns! The exterior mesh panels of these Dramatic Pierced lanterns are natural diffusers, and gently spread the candlelight. The interior is a rich golden brass, which gives them even more of a warm glow.

#3 Olive Branch Pottery (and all things Mediterranean)

I admit, I love all things Mediterranean. I love the simple yet romantic aesthetic of warm tones, and the idea of indoor-outdoor living and natural seaside vibes. I love that rustic but elegant look. I love making homemade hummus (and eating tabbouleh, and techina, and feta cheese....oh, where was I?....back to design!).

Even though Napa Home and Garden has a design focus that's grounded in the Napa Valley, so many of their pieces capture what I love about Mediterranean design.

Take a look at these Olive Branch Pottery pieces. Each has a beautiful, delicately hand painted olive leaf and branch tone-on-tone design. I think they'd make a lovely grouping on a kitchen island, and they're great for holding utensils. There is also a coordinating plate and bowl which are food safe, so they can be used for serving as well as display.

I think these faux olive and citrus trees are also pretty awesome. Whether you live in a colder climate and want a warm weather tree, or live an a warm coastal climate but want a beautiful tree without the maintenance of a live plant, these beautiful permanent florals are fabulous.

#2: Drop-In Floral Systems

I've gotta say that Napa Home and Garden has some of the most beautiful permanent florals that I've ever seen. I always used to think that faux floral was synonymous with a cheap plastic or silk plant, but these Napa beauties made me change my mind! The quality is so amazing. Each is beautifully hand crafted, right down to the root ball! They are literally the most well made faux florals that I've ever seen, and you can see why Napa is considered one of the top faux floral designers in the industry!

What Napa has done is take permanent florals to the next level with their drop-in systems. When you buy a drop-in floral, you get a beautiful faux plant, complete with an attached root ball and even faux dirt (who knew there was such a thing?) The result is that you get a plant that is completely transferable from one pot to the next. You can literally pull up the plant by the "roots" and move it to whatever vessel catches your fancy at the moment! (I totally recommend doing this in front of someone if you really want to surprise them).

This really makes these so versatile, and it allows you to keep them long term and move them to a variety of settings. It also allows you to use that "interesting" planter that your mother-in-law gave you for your anniversary when she comes to visit, and then hide it again once she goes home (of course, I'm definitely not speaking from experience on this one!)

I have my own personal reasons for looking forward to one of these portable beauties. You see, I'm a murderer. A serial murderer actually. I love orchids, and I've brought so many of them to their untimely demise that I just felt it was unfair to get another, knowing that it would soon be dead after falling into my hands. Thank you, Napa, for making it possible for me to have an orchid again (believe me, the orchids thank you too!)

#1: My Number One Favorite: Beautiful Perforated Teardrop Pendants

These are just stunning. I can't even tell you how much more beautiful they are in person than the photos can show. The size, the finish, that dramatic, curvy shape - and how the light shines through the pierced, perforated metal for a beautiful warm glow. I think these would be absolutely stunning over a long bar or kitchen island, but I'd also like to hang one of the big ones in a two story foyer. So many large chandeliers and pendants have a super-traditional shape, but these are just breathtakingly organic!

I hope you've enjoyed this journey through our new collection as much as I have! If you're ready to start shopping, here's a coupon for 15% off your first Napa Home and Garden purchase with My Swanky Home - use code NAPANEW at checkout. Happy shopping!

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