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Our Favorite Gifts for 2022, Part 1!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

OK, we're going to count them down! Here are our top gift suggestions for everyone on your list! It's time to show you what they are, and tell you what we love about them!

#10: Spire Bottles

Maybe these should be called "In-Spire Bottles" instead! These gorgeous bottle vases come in a rainbow of colors, and each one is a hand made, bespoke piece! Each is a handcrafted piece of frosted, colorful art glass, and choosing a few lets you layer color and texture and draw the eye upward. Mix and match them so your recipient will have an array unlike other for the perfect hand picked gift!

#9: Cork Frame

Give a gift that will help capture the memories of special meals, and special moments. Our cork frame is the perfect way to save and display wine corks and highlight a few bottles and glasses! It's sure to be appreciated by any host or wine lover. It securely mounts to the wall and is easy to fill and use. No wonder it's one of our most popular items and gifts!

#8: Lacquer Trays

These glam trays are the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates fashion-forward yet timeless design! Their oh-so-hip gloss look and sleek lines are straight from European design house Albert L, and they're gorgeous! Built to last, their sturdy design and large cutout handles make them easy to tote holiday beverages, food, and wine.

#7: Swoop Bowls

Bright and pretty, these Swoop bowls are sure to give your day a lift! They've got a curvaceous shape and a generous size that's waiting to be filled with fruit, flowers, or to serve on the buffet. A sure way to make you (and their recipient) smile!

#6: Permanent Florals

Everyone loves getting flowers, but let's face it - within a few days, they're gone! Cut flowers wilt and die, and potted plants (especially orchids) need lots of care. That's why we love these drop-in orchids. They're so elegant, require no care, and can be easily "dropped in" to a cachepot or pot that perfectly matches the season or decor. Or, choose a pre-potted one for the ultimate in gift giving ease!

Want to see our top 5 gift ideas? Stay tuned for our next post, coming soon!

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