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Our Favorite Gifts for 2022, Part 2!

OK, here's five more! Here are our top gift suggestions for every design-lover on your list! Even if you've waited this long, you still have time to get these for the holidays. Take a look at this collection we've curated for you!

If you want a sculpture that's a conversation starter with that "wow" factor, this is definitely it! Somewhere between a sculpture and a replica, the dramatic size and attention to detail of this piece really make it a showstopper! It's one of our most popular pieces, and is a great addition to everything from a living room or game room to a man cave.

Each of our serving boards can multi-task in so many ways! This whale serving board is great for serving cheese or charcuterie, but can also be hung on the wall for as a decoration between gatherings. These serving boards make great gifts when you don't want to show up at a holiday party or gathering empty handed, and they're something that can be used again and again throughout the year!

Our "Double Delight" candleholders are a great way to add warmth and style to a room. Use the top to hold a votive or pillar candle, and fill the bottom with your favorite seasonal items, like jingle bells, colorful stones, or even flowers or plants. They are versatile enough to blend with any decor, which is so important with gift giving! Use them in multiples on a buffet or table for the elegance that only candlelight can bring. They come in an array of sizes, colors, and shapes.

Want a great way to express an emotion that just can't be put into words? Or maybe the person you're giving to has a special hobby or interest that they love to celebrate. Sculpture is a timeless way to make things larger than life. Whether you want something that embodies pure joy, or that celebrates the warmth of a caring relationship, or even something for a music lover or sports enthusiast, we've got a sculpture for you.

And without further ado, our gift of the year is.....

#1: Kindness

You might think it's strange that a home design company is saying that the number one gift you can give this year is something that you can't buy in a store, but we've decided to go with our hearts on this one. The gift of your time, and compassion, is the best gift you can give anyone. Remember someone that everyone else has forgotten. Invite a lonely person to dinner. Visit an elderly person who's living alone, and bring them a homemade treat. Call your mom and see how she's doing. Donate some money (or better yet, some time) to a favorite charity. Even the Grinch realized that giving is about more that what you can find in a store. In a world where you can be anything, be kind. (And then go out and treat yourself to some furniture!).


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